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Help Us Encourage an alumni

The Walton Swim and Dive Team would like to invite your team to help us support a former Walton swimmer, Travis Kulcsar, and other sailors/soldiers serving with him in Afghanistan.


We are asking for donations of supplies to make gift bags for these young men and women who are so far away form home at this time of year protecting our freedom.

Here are some suggestions:

-gum, candy, cookies (but cannot be homemade)

-nuts, mints, power bars

-hot chocolate (powdered), coffee (with caffeine)

-packs of playing cards or small travel games

-DVD’s or CD’s

-toiletries including chap stick, disposable razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bars of soap, etc.

-disposable cameras

-calling Cards (AT&T for example)

-used or new paperbacks

-puzzle books, crosswords, soduko, word search, etc.

- Money, so we can buy gifts & pay for shipping

Use your imagination!

We cannot send anything in glass or aerosol cans.


PLEASE CONTRIBUTE … We will be collecting at the Walton Invite Meet on Dec 8th.

Thank you so much for your generosity!


Box for donations will be in

The Front Lobby of the Cobb Aquatic Center